A better D&D 5e Character Sheet with Inventory and Notes

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A better D&D 5e Character Sheet with Inventory and Notes

Cardboard Cleric
51 ratings

If you are looking for a Character Sheet that actually makes sense and allows you see the right information at the right time try the better character sheet and customize it to your needs.

With this Character sheet it’s easy to see the information you need during combat, travel and everyday shenanigans.
The core pages let’s you quickly access all your stats, abilities and traits while the notes section gives you space to keep track of your inventory, backstory, quest lines, people you meet along the way and anything else you want to keep track of.

You can also flip the whole thing around and just doodle in it.

This is for everyone who wants a better way to organize their character
and see the information they need at a glance.

With the download you get a character sheet for both martial and caster classes plus pages for inventory, a calendar and quest log, space to keep track of your story, NPCs and your party members as well as blank pages for notes.

It is currently available in:

English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian and Czech.
As both A4 and US Letter

The designed is based in Google Sheets, so you can change the layout and order to fit your needs.

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From the comment section

Here is a guide on how to print and fold it

Here you can see how to customize it

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Made with ❤️ and 🤖 in Vienna, Austria

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An editable Google Sheet to copy to your own library. Track your chacracter stats - inventory - calendar - quests - backstory - NPCs & party members - notes


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